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Friday, November 4, 2011


  1. all purpose flour/maida-250g
  2. salt-1/4tsp
  3. sugar-1tsp
  4. milk-1/4cup
  5. water-1/4(adjust as needed)
  6. oil

  • take a bowl/basin and put all purpose flour in it.
  • make a bay in the center and add the  milk,water,salt and sugar.
  • mix all together and make soft dough.
  • nicely apply oil on top and cover it with a thin cloth on top.
  • keep it for resting  at least for 5-10mins.
  • then cut the dough with knife and use ur hand to make small balls/roundels(pedas)
  • after making the roundels use rolling pin it in to thin sheet.
  • after rolling all the balls/roundels,hold one sheet lift with two hands and swirl and lift it in the air and hit on the top of the table.
  • repeat the same still the sheets expand in to bigger sheets.
  • now sprinkle some oil on top and cut in to two equal divisons.
  • take one corner of the sheet and roll it round.
  • do the same for all the sheets.
  • all these roundels  are to be rolled.
  • heat the griddle/dosaikal sprinkle oil on top.
  • place the rolled paratha on the griddle.
  • turn it and again cook it.
  • once it is done hit it nicely with both hands and you can see the layers in it.
  • malabar paratha ready to serve.
  • veg kurma
  • chicken kulambu
  • chicken gravy
  • spicy chicken curry

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