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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Paneer Potato Masala is my last recipe of 2011.Paneer Potato masala is a good and Delicious.I have changed some modification of this dish.This is my first time to prepare this masala.My husband is really loved this dish.This recipe is served with "Chapatti,Nan,Paratha,Dosa".I added a shred potatoes and shred paneer. It is a good combination of the varieties.Hot and served ur loved ones.

Friday, December 30, 2011


Onion Bajji

Bajji is the simplest sanck we can make to have in the evenings.During winter seasons we really want something hot in the evening.I had so many varieties of bajji but for all the batter is same.Plantain bajji,Onion bajji is a popular delicious snacks in India,especially in South Indian.Learn how to make Plantain bajji,Onion bajji by following this recipe.Bajji can be made with "Potato,Onion,Bell Pepper,Bread,Cauliflower,Brinjal" to suit the taste of ur guests.It is a spicy and delicious evening snack and serve as a great appetizer for any party or function.You can serve Bajji with "Coriander chuttney,Coconut chuttney,Bajji kurma" are great too.

Friday Special~Week 1

This is my first entry in this blog for "Friday Special".Not only for friday special it is to create new bloggers friendship.If anyone wishes to join in the special drop in a mail.All of u are participated in this special.Bloggers must submit only vegetarian recipies.Any vegetarian dish is allowed.No eggs should be included.New entries are preferred.The last date for the entries will be 30 Dec 2011.
Events starts coming Monday December 26th,be ready to get post ur recipes.You can link anytime from Monday-Friday every week.
Give a link to this event and place the logo in your post.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


I make chocolate dates milk shake which is very tasty and healthy.Now i found that another quick thing to do is to make a milkshake out of them.That sounds very simple.I added some dates and chocolates found that the combo goes very well.It is a healthy and iron drink.Some kids are not like dates.Kids are love to eat a chocolate.chocolate dates are very easy to prepare.Do not take much time.Kids will exited to drink the milk shake.I prepared this recipe for my Milk shake Event.


Mushrooms and mixed vegetables is a healthy and delicious recipe.U can serve this with "Boiled Rice,Chapatti,Dosa,Idli,Rasam Rice,Curd Rice".If u want gravy for this dish add coriander powder ,water and coconut paste.It is a easy way to prepare this dish.I added full of healthy ingredients.Kids are really loved this poriyal.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Potato fries is an easy dish for two than can be made in minutes from scratch. This is an easy way to make a great side dish for "Curd rice,tea time,Toor dal sambar ..Potatoes pieces fry with vegetable oil with the spices of  turmeric,red-chili,pepper and cumin powder..Any time u can prepare this recipe at home.Do not buy a lot of ingredients.Quick and easy way are really loved this fries.Hope and enjoy ur potato fries.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Kothu corn tortillas is a good and spicy taste.kothu corn tortilla is a different taste.Kids are really loved the tortillas.corn tortilla is a healthy dish.It is a quick breakfast idea or dinner or tea time.This dish serve with "Chicken Gravy,Kurma".

Monday, December 26, 2011


Poha made from flattened rice,is an easy to cook,nutrition snack.It is often eat for breakfast or brunch.Add extra zing to poha by serving it with "Coconut and Coriander chuttney".It is a quick breakfast idea or perfect tea time snack.This poha will help to prepare idli batter.If u want to add some boiled chick peas also.

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