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Thursday, November 3, 2011


I have successfully completed my 50th blog post.
Thanks for watching my site blog members and blog visitors.Don't miss my site.Hope and enjoy your recipes :) .

  1. potato-1
  2. carrot-1
  3. green peas-1/2cup  
  4. onion-1/2cup
  5. tomato-1/2
  6. green-chili-5
  7. coconut slices-3
  8. cinnamon-1/4stick
  9. cloves-4
  10. aniseeds-1/4tsp
  11. mustard seeds
  12. curry leaves
  13. coriander leaves
  14. turmeric powder
  15. salt-to taste
  16. water
  17. oil
To Grind:
  • take a blender,drop coconut,cinnamon,cloves,aniseeds and add some amount of water.
  • take a pressure cooker,add 3tsp of oil,onion,curry leaves and green-chili.
  • onion comes in golden brown add finely chopped tomatoes.
  • after add all the vegetables,turmeric powder ,salt and mix well.
  • wait for 3mis.after 3mins add grind paste and mix well.
  • wait for 3mins. after add 21/2 cups of water.
  • close the pressure cooker upto 5 or 6 whistles.
  • after 6 whistles ur vegetable kurma is ready.
  • chapatti
  • paratha
  • poori

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