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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


  1. chapatti-2
  2. onion-1/4cup
  3. tomato-1/3cup
  4. red-chili powder-1/2tsp    
  5. pepper powder-1/4tsp
  6. salt-to taste
  7. oil-4tsp
  8. egg-2
  9. coriander leaves
  10. curry leaves

  • take a dosai kal ,add 4tsp of oil ,onion,tomato and mix well.fry 2mins.
  • after drop the egg in dosai kal,add all powders,salt and mix well.
  • take a dosai karandi and mash well.
  • chappati cut into small pieces.
  • after add thecoriander leaves, chapatti and add little bit of oil.
  • take a dosai karandi and mash well.(for eg:kotthu parota)
  • after take a silver glass chop the chapatti and egg.
  • wait for 3 or 4mins.
  • decorate some curry leaves and coriander leaves.
  • If u want more spicy in kothu chapatti.First u have add the chapatti ,after add the egg.

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