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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


 Wish u happy diwali to my blog members,family,friends and relatives.May the divine light of diwali spread happiness,peace and prosperity to ur home!
                                        Happy Diwali!!

                                   Gujiya is one of the north indian recipie.Gujiya is a traditional holi sweet.This is my first time i tried the gujiya.Gujiya is a crunchy and sweet.

all purpose flour/maida-1cup
warm milk-1/2cup
salt-a pinch 
poppy seeds/khas khas-1tsp
grated coconut-1cup
powdered sugar-1/2cup
cardamom powder-1/4tsp
rice flour-2tsp
oil-for frying
For Dough:
Step 1:
take a large bowl drop the all purpose flour/maida,sooji/rava,oil,warm milk and salt.knead the dough for 30mins.
Step 2:

Step 3:
take a pan drop the poppy not add oil

Step 4:
take a pan drop the sooji/rava.

Step 5:
take a blender,drop the sugar and cardamom.
take a pan drop the ghee,cashew-nuts,dry fruit and grated coconut.fry 1min.
add all the powdered sugar,cardamom powder,coconut,poppy seeds,sooji.

Step 6:
take a small bowl drop the rice flour and ghee.

mix the rice flour and ghee in smooth paste.

Step 7:
divide the dough into 3 or 4 balls.
roll the dough in a rolling pin

drop the rice flour and ghee paste

another dough drop on the top

apply the rice flour and ghee paste.

cut into small pieces.

roll the dough in a rolling pin
take a spoon ,drop the filling ingredients and cover it.
take a pork spoon press on the edge side.

finally frying the gujiya in oil

If u do not like a layer, directly roll the dough in a rolling pin drop the filling ingrediets and cover it.

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  1. Wow..Gujiya luks the layer on it!!


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