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Friday, January 6, 2012


Chicken 65 is a hot and spicy snack of South Indians.All persons are really loved this chicken 65.Chicken 65 is my favorite item.Chicken 65 is a perfect dish of winter seasons.All south indian peoples are really loved this chicken 65.Very popular in"Restaurants" and "Fast Food "menus.If u don't have a sakthi chili chicken masala then use the "Optional Ingredients".

  1. Boneless Chicken/Bone Chicken-1/2kg
  2. Sakthi Chili Chicken Masala
  3. Red-chili Powder
  4. Turmeric Powder-1/2tsp
  5. Lemon Juice-1/2tsp
  6. Salt-few
  7. Oil-for frying

Optional Ingredient:
  • Sakthi chili chicken masala  powder      (OR)                                                     
  • U can add  ginger-garlic paste,egg,all purpose flour, rice flour,food color,curd,gram-masala powder.

To Marinate:
  • Wash and cut the chicken into small pieces.
  • Place a chicken in a bowl,add sakthi chili chicken masala,red-chili powder,turmeric powder,lemon juice,salt and mix well.The paste fully coated in chicken.
  • Rest chicken for minimum 30 mins or 1hr (or)Lets this marinate for at least 1hr in the refrigerator.

  • Now heat oil in kadai or deep sauce pan and deep fry on medium flame for  about 10mins.
  • Chicken until it turns dark brown on all sides.
  • Transfer the chicken from oil and place it to the tissue paper.
  • Hot and serve with "Sliced Onions, lemon Wedges".

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