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Friday, January 13, 2012

Tapioca Vadai/MaravalliKilangu Vadai/Kuchikilangu Vadai/Kappa Vadai

Tapioca is my family favorite...Crispy and Yummy vadas..My grandmother prepared only Vadas.Its available in India and US grocery "Yuca or Tapioca roots". Tapioca is low in saturated fat,cholesterol and sodium.In Tamil Nadu,Tapioca is more cultivated in the district of  Namakkal, Erode and Salem.Tapioca called "Maravallikilangu".It can also be boiled and different dishes like "Uppuma,Vadai".It can also be made into "Chips" to use as snack during tea time.Tapioca root can also be used to manufacture biodegradable plastic bags.Tapioca is gluten- free,and almost protein-free.

  1. Tapioca-2(Peeled &Shredded)
  2. Channa dal-150g
  3. Aniseeds-1/2tsp
  4. Asafoetida-a pinch
  5. Rice Flour-4tsp
  6. Onion-1/2cup
  7. Curry leaves-1strand
  8. Red-chili-8(adjust as needed)
  9. Garlic-3cloves(chopped)
  10. Salt-to taste
  11. Oil-for frying
  • Soak the Channa dal for minimum 20mins.Peel the skin and shred the tapioca.

  • In a blender,drop the channa dal,red-chili,aniseeds,asafoetida,salt,garlic,shred tapioca and blend in a corse(Do not blend in a fine paste).
  • The transfer it to a bowl and add the finely chopped onions,curry leaves,soaked channa dal 1tsp,rice flour and mix well.
  • Heat oil and deep bottomed vessels and when really hot ,drop the tapioca in vadai shape.
  • Turn on both sides till golden brown and crispy.
  • Once fried and remove it in paper towel.
  • Crispy and Yummy tapioca are ready,serve hot with "Curd and Onion".

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  1. crispy and spicy vadas just tempting me dear

  2. Yummy Vadas...Thanks for linking it to the event

  3. this reminds me of potato cakes!


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