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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Paneer Potato Masala is my last recipe of 2011.Paneer Potato masala is a good and Delicious.I have changed some modification of this dish.This is my first time to prepare this masala.My husband is really loved this dish.This recipe is served with "Chapatti,Nan,Paratha,Dosa".I added a shred potatoes and shred paneer. It is a good combination of the varieties.Hot and served ur loved ones.

  1. Paneer-1cup
  2. Green Peas-1/4cup
  3. Shred Paneer-1/3cup
  4. Shred Potato-1/3cup
  5. Coriander Powder-2tsp
  6. Red-chili Powder-1 1/4tsp
  7. Turmeric Powder-1/4tsp
  8. Cinnamo-small piece
  9. Cloves-2 
  10. Curd-1tsp
  11. Aniseeds-1/4tsp
  12. Onion-1/3cup
  13. Tomato-1/2
  14. Ginger-Garlic Paste-1/2tsp
  15. Salt-to taste
  16. Oil-2 1/2tsp
  17. Water
  • Cut the paneer into small pieces.
  • Heat oil in kadai,add paneer and fry well.Paneer comes in golden color and place it to the tissue paper.
  • Heat oil in pan,add cinamon,cloves,aniseeds,finely chopped onions,tomatoes and ginger-garlic paste and fry well.
  • Add shred paneer,shred potatoes and fry well.
  • Add all powders,salt mix and fry well.
  • Add required amount of water and coriander leaves.If u want a gravy add small amount of water.
  • Finally add curd and fried panner mix well.After switch off the flame.
  • Decorate some coriander leaves on top the paneer potato masala.

How to make Paratha:
This paratha is very soft ,puff and layers.I added milk to prepare the dough.This paratha is good taste and delicious.
  1. All purpose flour-9tsp
  2. Salt-1/4tsp
  3. Baking Soda-a pinch 
  4. Milk-1/3cup
  5. Water-1/4cup(adjust as needed)
  • Place a all purpose flour in a bowl,add baking soda,salt,milk and water.Flour comes in a dough shape.
  • Divide the dough into 5 or 6 balls.Roll the dough in a rolling pin.
  • Heat a chapatti pan,put the paratha turn on both sides comes in golden color.
  • Hot and serve with "Paneer Potato Masala".


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