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Thursday, December 29, 2011


I make chocolate dates milk shake which is very tasty and healthy.Now i found that another quick thing to do is to make a milkshake out of them.That sounds very simple.I added some dates and chocolates found that the combo goes very well.It is a healthy and iron drink.Some kids are not like dates.Kids are love to eat a chocolate.chocolate dates are very easy to prepare.Do not take much time.Kids will exited to drink the milk shake.I prepared this recipe for my Milk shake Event.

  1. Seedless Dates-15
  2. Milk Chocolate-10
  3. Milk-1/2cup
  4. Water-1cup
  5. Vanilla Ice Cream-3tsp
  6. Vanilla Essence-1tsp
  7. Whipping Cream


  • Cut the dates and milk chocolates into small pieces.
  • Soak the dates in warm milk(about 1/2 cup)for 15-20 miutes so as to make them soft.
  • Take a blender,drop the soaked dates and milk,milk chocolates,vanilla ice cream,vanilla essence and water.Blend in a smoothie milk shake.

  • Served in a glass,chopped dates or whipping cream and a straw :)

Sending this recipe to my  Milk shake Event

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