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Monday, January 30, 2012

How to Make Non-Veg Masala Paste/Masala Paste

This masala paste give a lot of rich taste to the chicken gravy.This paste can be prepared with chciken items and non-veg briyani .Quick,easy,simple and super tasty !!!


  1. Coriander Leaves-1/2bunch
  2. Cinnamon-1/2stick
  3. Cloves-3
  4. Ginger-1/2
  5. Garlic-5cloves
  6. Onion-1/2cup
  7. Coconut-1/3cup(Shred)
  8. Water-1/4cup


  • In a blender,drop all the ingredients and blend in a smooth paste.
  • Place a blender paste in a bowl.

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